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Vista Manager is the powerful software tool to tweak and optimize
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Vista Manager is the right tool for anyone wants to tweak Windows Vista for their needs.
Vista Manager includes the "most have" optimization and tweak tools for Windows, for example: change Aero behavior, change the response time for menus, plus a whole set of utilities are available like system information, process manager, disk cleaner, service manager, boot manager, hard drive scanner, registry cleaner and a duplicate file finder.
Everything is packed down on a nice tabbed user interface that is ordered by category, thus it is easy to access all features available on the following sections: Information, Optimization, Cleaning, Customization, Security, Network and other utilities.
If you are not sure which of those sections should you start with, it contains a set of wizards and scanners that will look for performance hungry applications, wrong configurations or registry damages that could slow down your computer.
Definitely, Vista Manager is an optimization Swiss knife for Windows Vista, which all Vista enthusiasts should consider and try before complaining about performance or thinking about going back to Windows XP.

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  • All in one application, with a lot of functionalities included on separate tools
  • Small fee for all it offers


  • Requires Microsoft Net Framework
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